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About Me

My name is Rev. Renee' Lewis. I am a Bio-energy Field Therapy Professional and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. My other certifications include Certified Chios Master Teacher, Certified Reiki Master teacher, Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Aura Photography and Crystal Resonance Therapy Specialist. I am also a Registered MRI Technologist in the medical profession. 

I provide a variety of services for anyone interested in the natural healing arts. I have always been intuitive and have had a special affection for stones and crystals. It took me a while to figure out why , but once I started learning about energies and frequencies it was natural. I use a large variety of stones in all of my healing work. I also work with the best aura photography equipment on the market to help others to see their energy field and understand where problems may be so we can work on healing them. I have been working with Tarot since 2010 and have had great success with readings, but I am still working on and learning this practice. As an MRI Technologist, I work with energy and frequencies and have to know about magnetics and and how it interacts with the cells and tissues of the body. These concepts in Physics are the same as what we use in energy work. I use this information to help clients and students better understand metaphysical work and energy healing.

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