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3D Aura Photography

What does your aura say about you?

I offer aura photography readings by appointment in my office and at special events. I can do your pets too! With over 10 years professional experience, I use the absolute BEST system on the market, the

Auracloud 3D Pro system by Inneractive!

"Cutting-edge technology, beautiful design, and stunning

 3D graphics work in harmony to visualize aura-chakra-energy."

Aura photography is a scientifically based bio-feedback system used to image the human energy field or aura and chakras. The information obtained from the imaging can be interpreted and used to help in balancing and charging the energy field and ultimately help heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Ever wondered if auras were real or what yours looks like? What do your aura and chakras say about your health and well-being? Your personality? Your spirituality? Your stress levels?

Auras are real and it is possible to see yours instantly in live 3D with the use of special biofeedback imaging equipment.

During a session we will image your aura and chakras in real time 3D with a computer and highly sensitive bio-feedback sensor. We will discuss the colors and their locations, any imbalances and areas of concern and decide on necessary actions to take for balancing and healing- including using crystals to manipulate and balance while you watch. You will receive a printed or digital copy of your session depending on which session you choose.

This is a truly amazing experience that you will never forget!

Don't forget to bring your pet!

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