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Welcome to Chios Energy Healing!

Take your energy healing to the next level with the most comprehensive and powerful healing techniques available. Through the Chios Institute you will learn many exciting new techniques for healing and begin a journey of self-discovery. These new skills will give you the ability to channel healing energy and sense the human energy field

The Chios Master Certification course features an in depth study of the 7 layers of the aura and how each layer corresponds to the body and chakra system. You will receive an attunement for each level before you begin the coursework which can be done online/distance or in person in a formal class setting. If you choose to work independently with the online study program, you can study at your own pace and timeframe enabling you to continue working and everyday activities.

Chios is a very comprehensive and intense study program that should not be taken lightly. There are 3 levels of coursework with tests and practice applications that must be completed and passed to continue and receive your certification. Once complete, you will receive a beautiful certificate for framing from the Chios Institute and be listed on the Chios Healing website as a CCMT - Certified Chios Master Teacher.

There is no previous experience required. You do not have to have any Reiki certification or any other healing background to take this course. Everything you need to know and learn will be provided to you. You will be able to give a Chios healing session with your very first course!

All classes, whether online or in a formal class setting, will include all materials, attunements, and support throughout your coursework and beyond.

For more information about Chios Energy Healing, please contact me or visit the Chios Institute website at

** I am in the process of being able to provide ceu credits for these courses.

Online COMPLETE Certification

Self-Study Program


The official Chios book is needed for the course study and the workbooks and tests will be provided by me as they are needed.

Chios Book (Can be ordered directly from Amazon or will be provided with paid tuition)

Chios Level 1 Manual & Workbook (available with paid tuition)

Chios Level 2 Manual & Workbook (available with paid tuition)

Chios Level 3 Manual & Workbook (available with paid tuition)

Chios Meditation

Formal classes can be individual by request or in groups as scheduled. The cost is $200 per level and includes all course manuals, class instruction and in-person attunements. A $50 discount is given if paid in full for all 3 courses. (Total $550 instead of $600) Please contact me for the next scheduled class.

Teaching certification and materials is an extra cost of $200

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